Everything you are…every cell in your body…at one time, was the food you put in your mouth.

Think about that for a moment. Your food choices dictate the quality of your cells!

If you choose McDonald’s food, you become McDonald’s food. If you choose organic vegetables, you become, at some point, organic vegetable and all the great health benefits that affords.

Trust me….I’m as guilty as anybody (This is Dr. Josh speaking!).  On March 16, 2024 I was 241 lbs and struggling.  I was dealing with high blood pressure (152/92), elevated resting pulse (104), swelling in my legs from an obscure injury while training Judo and overall, not feeling well. I was heavy (size 48 jacket with 40″ pants) out of shape (my good friend, Mike Ellefson Sensei, would tell me (I’m sure), “don’t be so hard on yourself. Round is a shape!” He’s not wrong in this case.

Sometimes, we have to push off the bottom before we make real change.  I did just that.  As of July 8, 2024, I weigh 197lbs. My waist size is 34″; Jacket is a 44. My strength has increased, my sleep is better, my blood pressure is sitting at 132/62 with a resting pulse of 59.

What did I do?

It’s a long story but it all starts with proper nutrition and a healthy nerve system. Other “new” habits formed include: Daily exercise including cardio/weights/battle ropes/bike/balance/core work, infrared sauna 5-6 days/week and increased water consumption.  The 21 day detox (Standard Process)  was a great jumping point for me.

Knowing how to eat (and what NOT to eat) to allow the full expression of your innate, or inborn intelligence, is vitally important to a fully functioning nerve system. It can not be stressed enough that if your health is to improve, you must feed it well!

Dr. Joshua Cleveland and Dr. Gina Cleveland both hold certification with the State of Wisconsin to provide Nutritional Counseling for their patients and have completed hundreds of hours of continuing education on these topics.

In addition, Dr. Josh holds a Post Graduate Certification in Forensic Toxicology from the University of Florida, making him a great resource for issues concerning: vaccines, over the counter medications (as well as prescription medications) and nutritional programs you may be using.

Cleveland Family Chiropractic supplies a full line of GMP/Purity Certified Nutraceuticals including:

  1. Joint and Immune Support
  2. Fish Oils
  3. Vitamin D
  4. Castor Oil
  5. Essential Oils
  6. Adrenal ( Stress) Support
  7. Digestive Support
  8. Blood Sugar Metabolism and Endocrine Support, Among others!

Call our office and ask about discussing optimal nutrition for better health and optimal expression of your nerve and immune systems.