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For your convenience, our most common patient questions are answered right here!

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Q: I’m very hesitant to get adjusted. I’ve heard “Once you get adjusted, You always need to get adjusted.” Is this true? Can you become addicted to Chiropractic Care?

A: This is my favorite question! Can you get addicted to eating healthy foods? or Exercise? or using stress reduction techniques like meditation? Of course NOT!

People who choose to stay adjusted on a regular basis do so for one reason: their health is important to them. You never HAVE to be adjusted, just as you never HAVE to eat healthy food. We choose to be adjusted regularly, as we choose healthy eating regularly, so we may express our potential to its fullest. We can not be healthy with a poorly functioning nerve system just as we cannot be healthy with a “McDonald’s Lifestyle”. Only get adjusted when you want the benefits of a properly functioning nerve system.

Q: Does it hurt to be adjusted?

A: The simple answer is, it shouldn’t! The truth is, when joints have been stuck (fixated) in a poor position for a long time, the body tries to stabilize that poor position. Sometimes, this healing process involves scar tissue, muscle contraction or even bone deposits. If we mobilize joints that have a lot of muscle contraction or scar tissue around them, it is sometimes uncomfortable to be adjusted. This goes away very quickly as the range of motion returns, pressure comes off nerves and the body begins to adapt to its environment properly. The vast majority of the time, as our patients will attest, it feels great to be adjusted with people also noting: better energy, improved motion, greater quality of sleep, lower blood pressure, clarity of thought not seen before, etc. In other words, the benefits of care are far greater than just feeling better on the outside!

Q: Is Chiropractic Care expensive? My insurance has a high deductible and I’m concerned with the cost.

A: Chiropractic care is VERY affordable. Ask yourself how expensive is a disc surgery? or hip replacement? or nerve damage in your spine? or rapidly declining health?

At Cleveland Family Chiropractic, we are never afraid of the fees because they represent a fair exchange for a very valuable service. Our cash price for an adjustment is just $40.00. Other fees are in place for other services like your initial evaluation, MoCA testing or nerve system scans but they are also inexpensive.

The great part about paying for your care upfront is two fold: first, you receive a reduced fee for services. This always helps. Second, you retain control of your health care decisions. When 3rd parties are involved (Insurance Companies), you lose the right to decide how, when, where, at what cost and why you receive care.

Your health care is YOURS and no one else’s!

Many of our patients still use their insurance coverage but choose to file it themselves to receive greater savings. If your deductible is high, you will also benefit by paying a reduced fee and sending in yourself, at minimum to apply to your deductible. You receive the same great care and retain the ability to choose how you receive that care.

The power stays with you!

Q: Can kids be adjusted? My daughter deals with ear infections and someone told us to call your office!

A: YES, children can be adjusted. The power that made the body, heals the body. It is already inside. When we’re under stress….. what comes out, is whats inside! If sickness and disease comes out, that’s what was inside! My grandfather used to say (while burping at the dinner table) “better out than in!”. How right he was!

We always want better expression of that “perfection within”. Chiropractic care allows the nerve system to control and coordinate itself better, affording improved healing! This has been shown in dozens of studies in chiropractic and medicine alike! Did you know that a study from the University of Chicago showed “far greater” blood pressure reductions when getting Chiropractic Adjustments vs. taking multiple drugs for Hypertension? Alot of cardiologists and medical practitioners were very concerned with that study. They feared  their heart patients would leave and begin seeing Chiropractors. Can you imagine your doctor being concerned that you might choose a : noninvasive, inexpensive, amazingly safe, nerve system stimulating/immune boosting course of care vs more drugs and surgery? Yeah, that bothers us too!

With that said, we will work with your other providers in the best interest of YOU!  We enjoy referrals from many local physicians and refer freely to these doctors when something needs to be addressed outside of our office. If you need a referral for medical care, we have a list of local doctors that we work with.