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Cleveland Family Chiropractic Center

Welcome To Your Chiropractic Office

Cleveland Family Chiropractic Center (CFCC) has been providing Chiropractic, Spinal Stabilization and Nutritional Counseling in the St. Croix River Valley for almost 20 years!  Our office is dedicated to improving the health and well being of our practice members and their family/friends.  We are honored to be a member of your healthcare team and will work hard to earn and maintain your trust!

When we first opened our office in 1998, we received some terrific advice from a friend: Treat everyone like they are FAMILY. Don’t hold anything back and don’t sugar coat anything.  Tell the truth, even when it’s not comfortable.  Cry with them, rejoice with them and be a true advocate for better health.  Don’t be afraid to hug your patients and never avoid the truth about why they are sick or injured.

This advice has served us well (and gotten us into trouble at times! :>) ) throughout our 20+ years of serving this community.  We believe that families stay well when they work together for better health! We’re proud to be working with you and your family!

Drs. Gina Cleveland and Joshua Cleveland, along with amazing support team members  look forward to helping you and your family regain your most prized commodity: HEALTH!

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