Dr. Joshua Cleveland has been training in the martial arts for over 24 years.

He is trained in the arts of:

  • Judo – 4th Degree Black Belt
  • Classical Japanese Jujitsu – 2nd Dan
  • Aikido
  • Brazilian Jujitsu
  • Eagle Claw Kung Fu/ Chin Na

He began his study with a fellow Chiropractic Student (Kung Fu Instructor) and Bouncer named Sifu Gary Adams. While working in Marietta, GA as a bouncer, he decided it was “learn to defend yourself” or get out of the industry. The pay was great, the hours were conducive to studying and it was fun….until you got hit…..or kicked…or bit. He learned just enough to be dangerous to himself (!) but developed a strong desire to continue his education in the Arts. He transitioned to Judo under some great instructors including Philip Porter Sensei.  He has trained in several classical Jujitsu styles as well as Aikido ( starting in 2007 under his friend and instructor Michael Ellefson Sensei at Midwest Center for Movement in Hudson, WI). He is also a student of Prof. Mauricio Villardo (Brazilian Jujitsu) and has trained with Prof. Villardo since 2013.

Dr. Josh teaches Judo (“Way of Gentleness”) and has instructed self defense classes for women, families, law enforcement, EMT’s/Firefighters, local businesses and homeowners. The Philosophies of “Mutual Benefit and Welfare” as well as “Maximum Efficiency with Minimal Use (Preservation) of Energy”, drives his instruction and Judo courses. These premises were taught by our founder, O’Sensei Jigoro Kano and are the fountainhead of any class in maximizing the expression of our “perfect self”. He coaches adult and children’s classes alike.

Weekly Judo classes are held:
Mondays (6:30-7:30p) and Saturdays (9:30-10:30am)

Dr. Josh also holds the following certifications & licenses:

  • Juvenile Martial Arts Certificate from the State of Wisconsin
  • Federal Firearms License (FFL)

He also works in conjunction with Bruce Whitaker in training individuals during Conceal and Carry courses in River Falls, WI on a monthly basis. For more information on Martial Arts or Conceal and Carry classes, leave a message here!