Our world has quite literally been turned on its ear. The response to this virus is unprecedented with the closing of schools, churches and businesses worldwide. 26% of small businesses in the U.S. have closed permanently. Current projections set that number at 40% if our response does not change. Yale University has stated that with every 1% rise in unemployment, an excess death of 37,000 people is seen with 20,000 deaths related to heart attack due to the stress of losing a job. If Yale is correct, our response to CV-19 was responsible for more than 259,000 deaths by itself, due to unemployment. Coupled with increased deaths from social isolation, depression, anxiety, etc, we potentially eclipsed 400,000 deaths attributable to our response to CV. This is unacceptable to us.

Our Position:

Chiropractic has always, and will always, support the parts of your body that heals and repairs; your nerve and immune systems. The greatest disappointment (in how we have responded to this virus) lies in our public health officials complete disregard for creating a healthy environment and healthy body. Our response has been solely focused on mitigating symptoms vs. increasing health. Our country is one of the sickest in the world because of this philosophy.

Chiropractic is different!!!

By correcting misalignment in the spine that negatively impacts nerve function, we can improve overall health. Our bodies response to CV-19 is no different than any other pathogen. With this virus being “novel” (new to us) there are new challenges, but nothing that our body can’t deal with when healthy.

That’s the key….being healthy.

One reason for increased inflammation (and an increased propensity to inflammatory issues) in the body is obesity. At last count, obesity rates in the U.S hover around 40%. In contrast, Japan enjoys a 4% obesity rate. China, 6.2%. France, 21%. When we see obesity rates as we do in the U.S., we see massive increases in inflammatory issues, including responses to environmental contaminants, like viruses.

In our office, we always discuss the “pillars of health” or foundational concepts to staying healthy. They are:

  1. Nerve System Health– Have your spine checked for misalignments by the only doctors licensed to do; Chiropractors!
  2. Diet, including supplements like Vitamin D and Vitamin C; both shown to dramatically reduce issues with viral issues like Sars-COV-2 and its variants. Upwards of 85% of people with severe CV infection were severely limited in Vitamin D.
  3. Nutrition = Gut Health!! Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes enhance digestive and immune health.
  4. Sleep– 8hours or more! We heal when we sleep! We DON’T heal while awake!
  5. Exercise– 3-4 days/week at least!!
  6. Positive Mental Attitude– Think well to be well!

If we can address these pillars on a daily basis, we CAN be healthier and we CAN deal with ANY virus, including CV-19.

Our Position on Masks in the Office

You will notice that the doctors and staff are not wearing masks in the office. There are specific reasons, as outlined in the WI mask mandate, that prevent us from doing so. We fully support your choice to wear a mask if you choose.

We believe that if you’re not wearing a mask, there is a good reason as outlined in the WI Mask Mandate. We will not force you to divulge medical information that you don’t wish to share. That’s not our place and your personal healthcare information is protected under Federal and State law. As with any personal issue, we support your ability to choose. If we are uncomfortable with this, we will let you know and come to an agreement with how we move forward.

How we are supporting our office environment

We have increased routine cleaning measures including wiping tables down before AND after each adjustment, wiping all common surfaces more often, diffusing (anti-viral and anti-bacterial) Thieves Oil daily. If you are uncomfortable with gatherings in our front office, please let us know prior to your visit.

Please let us know if you have concerns or questions about CV-19, our response to this issue and how you can improve your health.