Our Patients Share Their Experiences

“I’m sleeping, I feel great and my energy is much better. I am so happy I chose Chiropractic Care with Drs. Josh and Gina.” -D.M

“Four years ago my employer moved to a new building with new carpet, wall paper, and cubicles. The windows were sealed shut so there was no ventilation. I began suffering from migraines, vomiting, and experienced shortness of breath. This started a roller coaster of events eventually ending with me being homebound, and unable to tolerate any chemicals, perfumes, or anything scented. I spent thousands going to specialists and filling prescriptions- all of which made me more sensitive and on a progressive degeneration quickly. My sister in law contacted Dr. Cleveland on my behalf who said he could help and wanted to see me. He didn’t know what was wrong yet but thought he could help. He even canceled his entire afternoon when he heard I was considering taking my life. Dr. Cleveland did a thorough evaluation of my spine and nerve system, performed a test of my nerve function (EMG) and thermal readings around my spine, and range of motion study and told me that he could help. He told me I would sleep alot the following days. Boy was he right! I slept 10 hours that night for the first time in over 5 years! That was like 2 weeks of sleep for me. My migraine became a headache and my itching reduced significantly. My skin issues cleared up within 2 weeks ( I had welts on my neck, face and chest) and I am enjoying life again. I cannot thank Dr. Cleveland enough for his caring and supportive manner. He took the time to understand what was wrong, where it came from and came up with a plan to allow me to heal. He has me researching topics like nutrition so I may continue to heal and become active in my care. My nerve scans are already better and my father has started seeing Dr. Cleveland with great changes to his blood pressure already. The great thing is that my diabetes, which has never been under control, is starting to come under control with less insulin. I wish more people would consider Chiropractic instead of just using drugs, as I had for many years. I sincerely hope that more people will read this and consider Chiropractic Care. It truly saved my life!”- D.S.

“Josh and Gina,

Thank you for getting me back on the ice and keeping me there! I couldn’t have done it without your care and friendship”.

-Davis Drewiske; Hudson HS Hockey State Champion, University of Wisconsin Hockey National Champion, Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup Winner

“Dr. Josh and Dr. Gina have greatly improved the quality of my life over the past 12 years. The gentle, caring and specific adjustments by both of these Drs. has kept me moving and healthy when nothing else was working. I now live in Texas but try to get back as often as possible. I am finding it hard to find the same quality of care. I’m searching in Houston, TX for something that can only be found in River Falls, WI. Thank you both for health and happiness” – N. Murphy