This logo has changed several times over the years; as a representation of our changing family! We LOVE being your families Chiropractor in River Falls.

This logo has changed several times over the years; as a representation of our changing family! We are honored to be your families Chiropractor in River Falls.

This is an easy one! (Hint: It has very little to do with back pain!)

Cleveland Family Chiropractic Center (CFCC) has been providing exceptional care in the St. Croix River Valley for almost 20 years. Drs. Gina and Joshua Cleveland, along with our amazing support team (Stacey LaPerre and Ginny Vondriska)  look forward to helping yourself and your family regain your most prized commodity: HEALTH!

In 2005, we purchased the 5000 sq. ft. River Falls Journal Building at 112 E Walnut St. in River Falls with the intent of creating a space for unrecognized opportunities in health and movement.  With the addition of  Lori Hendrickson (Craniosacral Therapy),  Mr. James Davis (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist), Professional Boxer Boyd Davis and Dr. Josh’s Judo Dojo, we are coming very close to completing this mission. With over 5000 sq. ft dedicated to addressing the causes of Vertebral Subluxation (physical, emotional and chemical stress) and the resulting health consequences, we are a great resource for better health and well being.

We recognize the devastating effects of stress (physical, chemical, emotional) on the nerve system and on our capacity to be well; not merely symptom free.  Vertebral Subluxations (spinal misalignment that alters nerve control in the body) exist because of our inability to adapt to our stressful environments. Poor dietary choices (too much sugar, processed foods), emotionally stressful relationships, physical trauma (slips and falls, poor posture, sleep positions).

If we can learn to adapt to our ever changing internal and external environments, we can achieve HEALTH.  By the way….Health is not merely the absence of sickness or disease. (Dorlands Medical Dictionary)…..Health is OPTIMAL function; physically, mentally, chemically, socially, financially, spiritually, etc. again, NOT just the absence of disease.

Health can not be the absence of something negative; it must be developed and nurtured daily.

Our practice members (and the general public) have easy and affordable access to : Exercise Classes, Martial Arts/Self Defense/Boxing Classes, Marriage and Family Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Nutritional Counseling ; all provided by top professionals in their fields with one goal in mind: The full, God Given (Innate) expression of YOU!

We look forward to assisting in regaining your very best YOU!